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About us

Our mission is to simplify the distribution of seafood products by endorsing quality suppliers to partner with outstanding clients.

We are Piemonte Foods, a US-based company, with a decade of experience in the importation and distribution of seafood. We are distinguished by our business model which is based on trust, familiarity, confidence and transparency with an international network of supplier-partners and topnotch customers.
We have several distribution points throughout the USA and work with many of the most important supermarket chains, big box stores and foodservice distributors which brings a source of pride in a very competitive environment. Likewise, we import products from around the globe meeting the needs of our clients and helping them navigate this essential aspect of their business.
Our commitment to our clients is to deliver the highest quality products available giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace. We are passionately dedicated to searching the globe for the most devoted seafood suppliers who share our values of integrity and transparency.

Our Pillars


We have an extensive track record of experience in supply chain management


We deliver stability to our clients through solid transparent service


We assure constant supply by meeting important deadlines


At Piemonte Foods, we specialize in farmed-raised Atlantic salmon and Steelhead trout which are carefully selected because they meet the highest standards of quality necessary in today’s knowledgeable market.
Since we maintain direct contact with a diverse range of suppliers around the world, we also offer our clients access to additional seafood products to meet their needs.


We have the finest network of seafood suppliers in key regions around the world including Chile, Peru, Argentina, Iceland and Norway to name a few.


Reach out by phone or mail if you need seafood products. We deliver!

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